AD RMS SDK 2.1 Performance and Documentation Improvements - April 2014 Update

Howdy Folks,

We’ve been following up on some engineering updates and your requests to make even better the developer experience for Information Protection on Windows desktop. Our April update has performance and documentation improvements that we think you’ll appreciate.

Here’s Bruce Perler, our developer docs writer, to outline the April update.


Happy Friday!

This update to the AD RMS SDK 2.1 has several important improvements and some needed reorganization and clarification of the setup, testing and application promotion guidance.

What's new in the April 2014 update

  • File API memory usage, especially for large PFile has been improved significantly.
  • Content ID is now writable via the property IPC_LI_CONTENT_ID. For more information, see License property types.
  • Production manifest requirement - When your RMS enabled application/service is being run in server mode, we will not require a manifest anymore. For more information, see Application types.
  • Documentation updates



Bruce Perler
Sr. Programming Writer