Announcing AD RMS SDK 3.0 Beta: rights-enablement support on Android, iOS and Windows RT platforms

Hi folks,

It's been a busy time this past couple months in the IP team here at Microsoft. We've introduced a new cross-platform developer tool set for enabling Android, iOS and Windows RT devices. Future blog posts will elaborate on more on these new SDKs enabling clean and simple rights-enablement for device solution developers.

I'll let our expert, Gagan Gulati, explain about these new releases!




I'm Gagan and I'm a program manager on the AD RMS team. These are very exciting times for us in the AD RMS group and for our application and solution partner friends.  AD RMS SDK 3.0 is a set of simpler, ubiquitous SDKs that are now available on multiple platforms, starting with Windows RT, iOS and Android. These SDKs work exclusively with our new AAD RM cloud service. In the near future, we expect to have SDKs supporting other major device platforms.

The new AD RMS 3.0 SDK is offered in conjunction with the AD RMS 2.x SDK. AD RMS 2.x SDK will remain in active development and is well suited for Windows desktop applications and solutions.

The new AD RMS 3.0 SDK is designed to make it even simpler to integrate with RMS.  With the new SDK:

  • You can right-enable your application with just a few dozen lines of code on these new platforms
  • Utilize the publishing and consumption UX that we have built within the SDK
  • Utilize the new Generic Protection framework (PFile) which is now a first class offer of all new RMS SDKs

To get you started, we have placed getting started guides in the Help documentation. We have also done a video on how easy it is to build an RMS-enabled iOS application using AD RMS v3 SDK. We expect similar videos for Android and Windows RT application soon on our Channel 9 site.

We have also built sample applications using the SDKs to get you started. The SDKs work with Azure AD RM so you will also need test organizational accounts to test the SDKs and Sample applications. To request credentials for Azure AD RM test organizations, please email

You can download the AD RMS SDK v3 Beta versions from our Connect site.  

If the website shows 'Page not found' it may be that you haven’t registered on Microsoft Connect. So: Go to, sign in with your Microsoft Account > Directory> Search for Rights Management Services > Join). 


Gagan Gulati, Lead Program Manager
Information Protection, Microsoft Corporation
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