New features for the September update of the Microsoft RMS SDK, v3.0.1

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Here's an update about some important improvements to our RMS SDK v3 including new API support for application metadata. All you have to do is to download the SDKs from Microsoft download center. Read this blog for the RMS SDK v3 announcement: if you see below, you'll find the release notes for the SDKs.





Updated Flow Control - Additional flow control options have been added to the iOS and Android SDKs.

Android - New cancel methods added to the PolicyPicker and PolicyViewer classes.
New event callback methods added for onPolicyPickerHide and onPolicyPickerShow events to the IPolicyEventCallback interface.

iOS - A new class, MSAsyncControl, is now returned, instead of void, for the MSProtectedData.protectedDataWithProtectedFile and MSProtectionPolicy.protectionPolicyWithSerializedLicense methods allowing you to cancel asynchronous SDK operations including closing all opened UI.

Application Data Support - Read-only access to application data has been added to all platforms except for Windows Phone 8. This data is only writable via the Active Directory Rights Management Services SDK 2.1. For detailed information on the application data elements, see the listed property type associated with the property below. This type is defined in the License Property Types topic in the AD RMS SDK 2.1.

Supported properties:

Each operating system listed below provides a link to the read-only application data access properties for that operating system defined in the Microsoft Rights Management SDK 3.0.
Android - see the IProtectionPolicy class for the application data properties.
iOS - see the MSProtectionPolicy class for the application data properties.
WinRT - see the ProtectionPolicy class for the application data properties.

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