Protecting Azure Blob Storage with Azure RMS Whitepaper

Hello Folks,

We are working hard to deliver the next generation of information protection scenarios. In this blog post we would like to share with you our guidance and sample code for enabling cloud applications and services to protect data wherever it goes.

I'll let Yair Cohen, a program manager in RMS team, give you more details!



Hi Everyone,


Azure Rights Management service (RMS) introduces a whole new set of scenarios, enabling on-premises and cloud services to protect any type of data before it leaves to the cloud or to end-users devices.

You will find this whitepaper very useful if you are a developer or IT admin who wants to take advantage of RMS when:

  • Building a service or a web application (e.g. a portal) that let users download sensitive documents.

  • Building a cloud application that stores sensitive information in cloud storage such as Azure Blob Storage or share confidential data with end-users.

  • Needing to protect information before it leaves the on-premise to the cloud.

We have written a prescriptive step-by-step guide and provided sample code on GitHub. The location for GitHub sample is available in the whitepaper.



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Yair Cohen on behalf of RMS team.


Protecting Azure Blob Storage with Azure AD Rights Management.pdf