SP1 is here…..

The RMS team is proud to announce the release of RMS v1.0 Service Pack 1 earlier this week. Some of the key highlights of this release are:

  • Better Deployment Experience: Admin-less client activation, integrating with SMS, updated deployment guide, new case studies etc.
  • Support for high assurance environment: smart card authentication for certification and licensing, FIPS-compliant, offline enrollment for air-gapped networks.
  • Server lockbox: we will be introducing a new lockbox suitable for RMS-ing your server side applications. ISVs and partners are going to love this. More on that later.

SP1 is a manifestation of all the feedback that we have heard from our enterprise customers, end users, application developers and partners. You will see more posts from us on SP1 and some of the cool things in the release.

We are a small, young team working in this new emerging space of ERM. We would love to hear from you, so keep the mails and comments coming.

Amit Fulay

Program Manager