Updated interop sample supports File API for C#

Hi folks,

Here’s more great work to support AD RMS in the developer tools space. This developer's corner blog post will take you further with our new interoperability sample, allowing you to rights-enable your managed code (ex. C#) applications including support for our new File API.

Murali has done a great job updating the existing managed interop sample and will introduce the new one below.




 I’m Murali Medisetty, a developer on the RMS team. I have updated the managed interoperability layer in this new sample. The old version, answered the question, “So, how do I use your SDK from C#?”  for AD RMS SDK 2.0. The new managed interop sample supports AD RMS SDK 2.1 including the support for our new File API. See the MSDN Samples library at AD RMS SDK 2.1 RC Interop Library for the new version