Adventures in XNA 4: XNA Creators Club Goes Live at the GDC

XNA animation component libraryIf there's one thing that the XBox teams seem to nail, it's the community orientation of sites like the new XNA Creators Club.  It's the shiny new hub for all things XNA, including samples, downloadable games, video tutorials, developer forums, and more.

I authenticated at the site in a few seconds using my Passport and XBox Live ID, and created a game-dev-oriented profile there.

As always, I am YumYumMoose at the Club, and look forward to creating with you there.


Game Developers Conference 2007

It's that magical time of year again, when game developers engage at the Game Developers Conference and share the latest and greatest.  I haven't been able to attend for a few years, but once had the honour of contributing along with a friend and colleague who is now working on some pretty prestigious AI.

XNA is high on the agenda in San Francisco, with everything from an XNA deep dive, to a hands-on workshop, to the XNA Game Studio Express Challenge, for which four games will be developed in four days by hopeful combatants.  Check out the XNA Team Blog's listing of the XNA presentations.  And if you're in San Fran instead of gloomy Ireland, I want the full report that will make me jealous!