WPF: Free DataGrid control, Doninoken movie

There were a couple of interesting Windows Presentation Foundation bits I've seen recently.

A third-party called XCeed has released a DataGrid control for WPF that is free of charge!  A DataGrid was conspicuously missing from the WPF toolbox and I think XCeed are on to a winner here.  Click through the link for a demo (with source available) of the fully featured data-bound control - I am well impressed!  Thanks to Tiernan for reminding me of this.


Also, a number of people including Karstenj have pointed out Doninoken, a short film done in WPF for the Japanese Vista launch by design agency Bascule.  The aesthetic is created by cycling detailed texture maps on flat surfaces in 3D space - very reminiscent of cult favourite Parappa the Rapper.  It's a great example of an aestetic that would be very difficult (perhaps impossible) to create without a full 3D engine. 


And on an aesthetic note, sadly, I'm not going to be able to make it to DesignertopiaClare is going to be there though!  So, bloggers -- I want a full report! :)  I am off to Seattle for a conference and will try to bring back even more designer/developer info.