Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Friday, August 31, 2014

  1. Visual Studio Toolbox: Load Testing Made Easier
  2. Day 1 at TechEd: Recap of TechEd Europe, day one
  3. Day 2 at TechEd: Windows for IoT, Azure Stream Analytics and the Future of .NET
  4. Pranav Rastogi: ASP.NET Identity 2.2.0-alpha1
  5. Matt Harrington: JavaScript unit testing: using the Chutzpah test runner in Visual Studio
  6. Adarsha Datta: Part 6: Get started with Python: Build your first Django Application in PTVS
  7. Marius Schulz: Using the IndentedTextWriter Class to Output Hierarchically Structured Data
  8. Sergio De Simone: Lock-free Programming in C++ with Herb Sutter
  9. Esteban Garcia: Bulk editing MTM 2013 test cases
  10. dotNetDave: Using Generic Constraints & Default