Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Friday, May 10th

  1. Devon Musgrave: Quick news: A new managed library to help with debugging
  2. Mark Souza: Designing Great Cloud Applications
  3. Susan Ibach: Tips and gotchas for Windows 8 apps: Day of the Living Dead
  4. Doug Stewart: Windows Store app solutions and tips for certification
  5. Jezz Santos: Feature Builder Power Tool Future
  6. M. Sawicki: If you’re working with Java on Windows Azure, this update is for you!
  7. Gemzy85: 8 Great Reasons to Design for Windows Phone 8
  8. Torsten Mandelkow: Free ModernUI Charts for WPF, Windows Store Apps und Silverlight published
  9. Rick Marron: URL to Browse the Latest Version of Source Code
  10. Channel 9: Countdown to TechEd - All about Keynotes, Parties and Badges

Update: Links fixed.