Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Friday, October 11th

  1. Larry Guger: Announcing Microsoft Monitoring Agent
  2. Refcard: CSS3 Basics: New Features for Super-Powered Web Development
  3. Shivprasad koirala: Best Practices No. 5: Detecting .NET application memory leaks
  4. Brad Sullivan: Filter Breakpoints
  5. Andrei Alexandrescu from GoingNative 2013: The Way of the Exploding Tuple
  6. Martin Schray: App Enthusiasts App–download and enjoy
  7. Larry Guger: Performance Details in IntelliTrace
  8. Raymond Chen:  C++ corner case: You can implement pure virtual functions in the base class
  9. Marting Schray: Does your XAML app need more (good) ratings? This will help!
  10. Scott Adams: The Dilbert Creator’s 10 Favorite Strips