Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Monday, February 13th

  1. Kevin Dockx: Part 1: Developing for a multitude of clients: Strategies for code reuse and keeping costs in check
  2. Aaron Stebner: Undocumented command line switch to extract the contents of .NET Framework 4 setup
  3. LightSwitch Help Website: Creating A LightSwitch Collection Control Extension
  4. This Week on Channel 9: Windows 8, C++ Amp, NuGet, Mouse Mischief and more
  5. MSDN Blogs: Colliding with Expression Design to Expression Blend to WP7 and Kinect Part 1 of 3 or so
  6. MSDN Blogs: An Introduction to ALM (Learn more about ALM)
  7. Jonathan Rozenblitz: Chat with Gladstone Grant on the Developer Opportunity
  8. Hasibur Rahman: Handling subsections of data in C++ AMP
  9. Andrei Alexandrescu: Static If I Had a Hammer (Going Native)
  10. Michael Desmond: Visual Basic 6: Old Soldiers Never Dieā€¦

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