Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Monday, February 4th

  1. Born To Learn: Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) Added to the MCSD Portfolio
  2. ZDNet: Microsoft's Visual Studio team sticks to its quicker roll-out promise
  3. Eric Lippert: The no-lock deadlock
  4. Premier Field Engineers: Video series: .Net Debugging for the Production Environment
  5. Visual Studio Toolbox: Saving and Restoring State in Windows Store Apps
  6. Windows Phone Developer Blog: How to get your app promoted in the Windows Phone Store
  7. Beth Massi: Building a SharePoint App with LightSwitch
  8. Vinay Krishna: Windows Phone Unit Tests in Visual Studio 2012 Update 2
  9. Ambrose Little: Responsive Web Design and Interaction Prototyping
  10. Brian Lagunas: A Silverlight BooleanToVisibilityConverter