Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for the Week of October 27, 2014

  1. Jean-Marc Prieur: Upcoming Changes in Visual Studio Architecture and Design Tools
  2. Rowan Miller: EF7 - What Does “Code First Only” Really Mean
  3. Scott Guthrie: Azure: New Marketplace, Network Improvements, New Batch Service, Automation Service, more
  4. dotNetDave: Using Generic Constraints & Default
  5. Dr. Dobbs: 7 Best Practices for Being a Successful Remote Developer
  6. Bret Bentzinger: Quckly Generate C# Classes from JSON Responses
  7. Pallavi Praharaj: How to Create a Entity Framework model and Use it in a separate .Net Project
  8. Charles Petzol: Free Ebook - Creating Mobile Apps with Xamarin.Forms (Preview Edition)
  9. Jonathan Turner: TypeScript and the Road to 2.0
  10. Windows Apps Team: Apache Cordova and WinJS