Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Thursday, November 6, 2014

  1. Aaron Bjork: Turn bugs on/off on your backlog – Nov 4
  2. John Shewchuk: Building a massively-multiplayer game on Microsoft Azure
  3. Ketan Ghelani: Application Insights - Metric Explorer - Part 1
  4. Greg Duncan: This is a case where Margin is a good thing. TFS Pending Changes in the margin Visual Studio Extension
  5. Microsoft Azure Blog: A great week at TechEd with Docker
  6. Peter Carrasco: Improving your MVC Unit Tests with Interfaces, Dependency Injection, and Mocking
  7. The Hello World Podcast: Episode 46: Rockford Lhotka
  8. Michael Mansour: Extend Your Reach with Universal Apps
  9. Alan Pulliam: Introducing BrokeredPointOfService Brokered Windows Runtime Component wrapper library for POS for .NET 1.14
  10. Asim Goheer: C++ Converting ComPtr<IRandomAccessStream> to ComPtr<IClosable>