Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Tuesday, July 22, 2014

  1. Dr. Dobbs: A Classic Example That Off-The-End Iterators Can Simplify
  2. Matthew Katakam: ASP.NET MVC Edit Primary Key Values for Composite Keys
  3. Writing Code that Writes Code
  4. Ann Robson: Make It Great: Refactoring That’s Smart and Satisfying
  5. This Week On Channel 9: Kinect for Windows v2, Unified Windows Dev Portal, IoT and more...
  6. Practical .NET: Leveraging User Mental Models To Create Effective User Interfaces
  7. Raymond Chen: The alternate story of the time one of my colleagues debugged a line-of-business application for a package delivery service
  8. Sam Xu: Open complex type step by step with Web API 2.2 for OData v4.0
  9. Steven Gates: Using Boost Libraries in Windows Store and Phone Applications
  10. CodeChat: Jason Short (The Cloud)