Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Wednesday, December 7th

  1. ALM Summit 2011: Day 1 Keynote - With Power Comes Great Responsibility Thomas Grant (Forrester)
  2. The Code Project: Extending Visual Studio Part 1 - Creating Code Snippets by Dave Kerr
  3. Channel 9: How Do I:  Using Generate from Usage in Visual Studio 2010 by Chris Koenig
  4. Channel 9: Advanced CRT, 2 of 2 by Mahmoud Saleh
  5. Alfred Thompson: Could You Pass the AP Computer Science Exam?
  6. Surf4Fun: Using Expression Blend 4 to build Windows Phone Apps: The beginning
  7. Raymond Chen: GetParent, just as confusing as EnumClaw, but it's an actual function!
  8. MSDN Magazine: The Working Programmer: Parser Combinators by Ted Neward
  9. Visual Studio Magazine: Integrating Ajax Code into the ASP.NET Validation Infrastructure by Peter Vogel
  10. Hosam Kamel: Tools for SLN file (Visual Studio Solution file)

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