Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Wednesday, May 16th

  1. Brian Harry: Team Explorer Everywhere in the Eclipse Marketplace
  2. Brian Harry: Formal Requirements with TFS and InteGREAT
  3. Brian Harry: Team Foundation Service Updates – 5/15
  4. Chuck Walbourn: Learning XAudio2 [Windows 8]
  5. Aravind Cheziyan: Prerequisites for creating SharePoint 2010 apps in Visual Studio Console Application
  6. Shiva-Vitakula: Integrating With Windows 8 Share Charm - Long Running Shares - Multiple data providers
  7. raboschs: Replace Apple's MetroWorks with Visual Studio for iOS development
  8. Tim Bush: Small Basic – A great tool for introducing programming
  9. Alex Tcherniakhovski: How to set Active Directory Password from Java application
  10. Secret Microsoft Communications: Let’s talk about directives in VC++ in Visual Studio 11 and Windows 8

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