Top 10 Microsoft Developers Links for Monday, May 27th

Catching up on Monday...

  1. InfoWorld: The 14 characters you meet as a coder
  2. Immo Landwerth: Portable HttpClient is now available as RC
  3. Beth Massi: Top 10 Quick Tips for Building Great Mobile LightSwitch Apps
  4. Channel 9 Countdown to TechEd: All about the Tech Expo a.k.a. Partner Pavilion
  5. Web Camps TV: The Katana Project - OWIN for ASP.NET
  6. MCS_UK Solution Development: Unit Testing Delay Signed Assemblies on the Hosted TFS Build Service
  7. The Schray: Building your exported Scirra Windows 8 Project in Visual Studio
  8. Lee Stott: ZipApp Perfect tool for non-programmers to build Windows 8 apps quickly
  9. Surf4Fun: XAML/C++: Does anyone really know what time it is? Timers
  10. The Code Project: How to build an Instagram-like photo sharing app with HTML5