Top 10 Visual Studio Links for Tuesday, September 27th

  1. Build HTML 5 apps with Expression Blend for Windows - Developer Preview
  2. Willy-P Schaub (ALM Rangers) post: Understanding Our Visual Studio 11 Readiness Conspiracy
  3. Tomorrow @SilverlightShow, Brian Noyes delivers a FREE webinar Learn & Win in Tomorrow's WCF RIA POCO – Don’t forget to register early!
  4. Manual Testing Evolved a discussion about the evolving nature of Quality Assurance - Register NOW for tomorrow’s Part 2 of the 5 part webcast series
  5. SilverlightShow: Windows Phone 7 Data Access Strategies, Connection detection & bandwidth NEW article
  6. Ron Jacobs on MSDN: Using the WCF Test Client to Test Your Workflow Service
  7. Rewriting a 5 year old VB.NET WebForms application as an ASP.NET Web Pages application with Razor by Scott Hanselman @
  8. Visual Studio Magazine: Peter Vogel introduces you to the new dynamic event model for JavaScript that's available in all the contemporary browsers
  9. Inheritance and Representation - Fabulous Adventures In Coding, Eric Lippert
  10. An oldie, but a goodie: A Practical Guide to Identifying Slow Code - Visual Studio Tech Library

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