Top 10 Visual Studio Links for Wednesday, September 28th

  1. Selecting Data and Filtering Data - catching up on ScottGu and Web Forms Model Binding
  2. The Expression Blend team needs your help - Blend for HTML: Tell Us What You Think!
  3. XNA Game Studio 4 Programming-Developing for Windows Phone 7 & Xbox 360 book review at SilverlightShow
  4. Adventures in Coding - Keep it secret, keep it safe - by Eric Lippert
  5. Did you miss it? Watch the SilverlightShow and Brian Noyes webinar Learn & Win in Tomorrow's WCF RIA POCO
  6. Namespace Global – The Visual Basic Team Blog
  7. Catching up on Andrew Brust: A Tale of Two Windows
  8. The October issue preview of MSDN Magazine presents a deep dive into the powerful new asynchronous programming features of .NET Framework 4.5, C#, and Visual Basic
  9. WinRT vs. Silverlight – a discussion by Morten Nielsen, Microsoft MVP
  10. How To Create a LightSwitch Command Control Extension (A Button) as posted by the Visual Studio LightSwitch Help Website
  11. BONUS! Download Windows Phone SDK 7.1 today and get tooled-up for Windows Phone 7 & 7.5 devices (aka Mango)

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