Top 8 Microsoft Developer Links for Thursday, January 30, 2014

  1. G.TR: A quick overview of NUnit tests
  2. Beth Massi: Beginning LightSwitch in VS 2013 Part 6: More Control! Customizing the app with JavaScript & CSS
  3. Martin Hinshelwood: Installing Release Management Server for TFS 2013
  4. Mads Kristensen: Introducing File Nesting extension for Visual Studio
  5. Pranay Rana: Getting Exact Location of Exception in C# Code
  6. Eric Battalio: Windows Azure Storage Client Library for C++
  7. Ed Price: Impact of the TechNet Guru competition on Windows Development - Part 1
  8. Christine Matheney: Build a Windows 8.1 App before dessert with Project Siena - Video Version