Visual Studio Content: Love it or Hate it?

Some of the most laborious writing that happens in creating Visual Studio doesn't happen in code. I'm talking about the millions (literally) of words that go into the product documentation and other content to support the product. As with most aspects of the product, we thrive on your feedback to help create a better product. See Kathleen McGrath's Weblog for a post (Wanted: Feedback on Visual Studio Content) about the many ways you can contribute feedback about the Visual Studio content.

Gathering customer feedback is a critical part of the Visual Studio documentation process. Your feedback helps us determine whether we are writing the type of content that is most useful to you, and whether we are covering the tasks and scenarios that you need the most help with.

Starting with Visual Studio 2005, we regularly update our online documentation using a continuous publishing process. This enables you to get access to latest version of the documentation quickly and easily. It also gives us the opportunity to respond to feedback that we receive about our documentation and continuously make improvements.

There are several ways you can give us direct feedback, and here are four easy ways to let us know about your experiences with our documentation and how we can improve it.

Source: Kathleen's Weblog : Wanted: Feedback on Visual Studio Content