Cool new Windows Speech Recognition Video

There seem to be a lot of videos of Windows Speech Recognition (WSR) floating around the internet these last few days since the final release of Windows Vista. Some are intended to be funny. But some are really good demonstrations of WSR in action.

One particular video I found this morning was by Richard Costall, who runs a user group in the UK called NxtGenUG. It's a good demonstration of the power and accuracy of the system.

He even demonstrates one of my favorite features that we added based on feedback from users: Hovering the mouse over an item. In the video, he gets to a point on his own web site that requires the user to mouse over an item to disclose the next level of menu. However, if the user clicks on that item (a different action would happen), thus the user that's using speech really needs to just move the mouse. Richard uses that feature in combination with the Show Numbers feature, by bringing up the numbers, choosing the item by number, and then saying "Hover". If the item has a name, he could have also said "Hover [item name]", or "Move mouse to [item name]".

Thanks for the video Richard. It was nicely done...