Macro of the Day: Search Tivo for That!

Every year in the Fall it's time for me to check out what's new on TV, and decide what, if anything, I'm going to start watching. This year's no different...

Ah... Well ... It was actually different. This year, just a couple weeks ago, my Tivo completely died. I'd only had it for about 7 months, but it died. Oh well. It was under warranty.

After a couple back-and-forths with Tivo customer service, I was the proud owner of a brand new Tivo HD. But ... It didn't have any of my old recorded shows on it, nor did it have any of my programming on it. Sigh.

If you've ever tried to setup a Tivo with your full schedule of what you watch, you'll probably already know, it's a lot of work to set it up. Especially from the remote control. But ... Tivo does have that fancy Tivo Central Online, that allows you to use your web browser to find shows, and schedule them for recording.

Cool! But ... that's still a lot of typing and going back and forth with my web browser.

Or ... Is it?

Nope! Not if you're using Windows Speech Recognition Macros!

I just whipped up a quick macro that let's me say:

  • "Search Tivo for that", or
  • "Search Tivo for [...]"

I can say anything I want for the [...] part, too.

Yeah!!! Now, I can set up my Tivo as easily as saying "Search Tivo for House", or "Search Tivo for Prison Break". Neat, eh?

You too can set up your Tivo this fall, just as easily, by downloading today's Macro of the Day: Search Tivo for That!