Microsoft Exchange 2010 Buzz -- Speech is 1 of 5 key features, according to Mary-Jo Foley from ZDNet

Mary-Jo Foley posted an article on her blog on ZDNet yesterday talking about how the RTM buzz for Microsoft Exchange 2010 is growing louder. It's an interesting read.

The Speech team has been busy at work supporting the Exchange team for quite a while, with a new feature for Exchange that allows users to see a text preview of voice mails that arrive in their inbox.

I've been using it personally for almost 2 years, in one form or another. I recently set my own Exchange server up, and redirected my wife's cell phone voice mails to it too. She now never listens to her voice mails directly. This is a milestone for me, because this is one of the best examples of my work life impacting my personal life, and vice versa. She does give me constructive advice on how to make the system better ... :-)

In most reviews I've read on Exchange 2010 since the public announcement earlier this year, text preview of voice mails is very often listed in the short list of key new features. That's true in Mary-Jo's article also. Here's what she says about Exchange 2010:

The Exchange 2010 release includes new, integrated e-mail archive functionality; the ability to see text previews of voice mail; a new “Conversation View” feature; customizable call-routing menus; and a “MailTips” feature designed to help stamp out e-mail “faux pas.”

Let us know, once you're using Exchange 2010, how you like the voice mail text preview feature. We like hearing from our customers directly. Both what you like, and what you don't like.