Say2Go awarded 1st Prize in ISV/Software Solutions in Microsoft's 2008 Partner Contest

Congratulations to Myro Mykhalchuk and his team at Say2Go for winning 1st Prize in Microsoft's 2008 Partner Contest for ISV/Software Solutions!

Say2Go allows users to do something they're calling "Voicing" between IM users. Voicing is more like voicemail than IM. Say2Go allows users to press and hold a button, speak what they want to say to another Say2Go user, release the button, and what they said will be sent to their buddy both as an audio clip, as well as transcribed using Microsoft's Speech technologies included in Windows Vista. Pretty cool stuff...

Interestingly, the good folks over at TechCrunch did a review of Say2Go (here) to which Nik at TechCrunchIT responded with his own discussion of "Will we ever bury Voice Recognition?" In that discussion, unfortunately, Nik used Microsoft speech technology that's almost 8 years old trying to ascertain the current state of the art. Whoops. Nik, you should really upgrade to Windows Vista and see if you have better luck.

If you haven't heard about Say2Go, you should check it out at