New Windows Virtualization Videos

Some new MS Virtualization videos have been put up on IT's Showtime, check them out here...


Virtualization in Windows Server

The session features a discussion of the virtualization technology roadmap and an outline of Microsoft's vision for how these technologies will combine with future capabilities in processors, chipsets, and I/O devices to enable unprecedented flexibility by the Windows Server platforms.


Application and Presentation Virtualization

The new and compelling presentation virtualization features in Windows Server Longhorn Terminal Services enable customers to use remote applications and seamlessly integrate them on their users' client desktop and mobile systems. This session discusses how the new PnP Device Redirection Framework enables support of a wide range of hardware devices such as USB storage or printing in a Terminal Services session and how SoftGrid enables Terminal Services to become a truly dynamic system that is easy to manage. Other new features to be discussed include Terminal Services Gateway and Web Access, which allow the customers to provide secured access to their IT services from anywhere while protecting their investment in desktop and mobile systems.


NPIV SAN Integration and Microsoft Virtualization

Server virtualization solutions allow enterprises to aggregate server workloads within their physical server platform and improve agility of virtual machine migration across physical systems. Platform virtualization solutions create new economy of scale and dynamic configuration challenges for storage area network (SAN) integration.This session details key integration and management dimensions around the core Windows operating system, Virtual Server, future Windows virtualization, and Virtual Machine Manager. The ANSI T11 N-Port ID Virtualization (NPIV) standard extends a powerful complementary capability to associate multiple virtual N_Ports to a single hardware-based N_Port over the same FC switch connection. Through this standard the SAN-managed controls around zones and masks can be coordinated and specific SAN resources mapped to different virtual machine workloads while maintaining SAN best practices. Microsoft will discuss key platform virtualization design criteria and fundamental values for ecosystem compatibility and next steps for standards and extending capabilities. Emulex will join Microsoft to describe their NPIV-based HBA solution that provides administrators improved deployment, migration, and management capabilities.

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