The MSRC @ RSA - the webspace

Wow - this is really really cool. 
So . . . select members of the MSRC are off at RSA this week doing BOOTH duty and talking to our customers and then blogging about the days events in an MSN web space - check it out!

Kevin Kean, "Stepto", Simon Conant, Debby Fry Wilson - all the big names (well, except for Simon) are there and a blogin'!
If you have a few minutes - it's an interesting insight into the world of booth duty at a sufficiently large conferrence (I've done booth duty at TechEd a couple times and it's harder work than you'd think).

P.S. - I am actually not at RSA this week - but thanks for asking the MSRC folks if I'm around - it lets them know that they really should be paying my way to these events in the future and gives me ammo when I ask ("well, you know - our customers are asking for this . . ."). :)