Reporting Services Recipes Book Released

RS Recipes

This book should be on the shelves any day now and is truly special! It draws from the experience of many Reporting Services industry experts and brings together best practices and report design patterns. I co-authored this book with Paul Turley, and it also includes great contributions from Grant Paisley, Thiago Silva, Dan Kisting, Ryan Clay, Rob Boek, Ef Romero, Rishi Jariwala, Joe Salvatore, and Paul Waters.

The book has about 600 pages total and includes 63 report recipes that provide clear and detailed steps on how to implement the design patterns successfully, and inspire on what else is possible. You can get more information about the book at Amazon as well as further downloads at Wiley.

Each report recipe calls out the versions of Reporting Services it applies to, differences between versions. As a bonus I included several recipes specifically targeting new scenarios and features enabled in the upcoming Reporting Services 2008 R2 release. Examples include naming worksheets from within the report on Excel export, dynamic page breaks, resetting the page number based on groups, rendering format dependent layout decisions – I will also cover those in upcoming blog posts soon.

What continues to fascinate me is seeing the amazing things that report authors are doing with Reporting Services, leveraging its flexibility and extensibility, and pushing it in ways that we in the product team may have not thought of when we started out to build the initial Reporting Services 2000 product. I also frequently observe people realize they could accomplish solutions with Reporting Services that they initially didn’t think were feasible (for example, as a result of BI Power Hour demos); and now they are curious what else is possible … I hope the report design recipes in this book will provide you answers and new ideas.

Good luck and happy reporting!