My TrainingCourses LightSwitch Demo

In the past month I have given the LightSwitch Beyond the Basics talk at both VS Connections in Orlando and VSLive in Las Vegas. Today I am giving the Building Business Applications with LightSwitch talk at TechEd. All 3 of these use the same basic application, although different variants. I promised I would make it available, and here is the demo script.

The application starts with existing SQL Server data, so the first step is to create a TrainingCourses database in SQL Server or SQL Express. To populate the database run the TrainingCourses.sql file. That will create the tables and relationships and also add sample data to the Customers, Courses and Orders tables. Next, create a new VB or C# LightSwitch project named TrainingCourses.

For the SharePoint part of the demo, create a Training Courses team site. Create a Course Notes list with Title, Course Number and Notes, all strings. Then import the items in the CourseNotesList workbook.

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