New Years without snow is ... great. (Want to find out?)

Happy New Year and all that. I spent the long weekend at Myrtle Beach soaking up rain or sun - depending on the moment you checked.

I’ve been out of Fargo for a year now, after nearly 30 years living in Minnesota and North Dakota. I wasn’t timid about the winters growing up. I’ve slept outdoors in the dead of winter (in an igloo and not), ice fished in 40-below temps and done the whole “run from the sauna into the snow drift” thing (poor-man’s polar bear club) more times than I can recount. Growing up Minnesotan was all about snow, ice and fun.

But this year I spent New Years in a pair of shorts walking the beach and playing mini-golf with the kids.

I’m hooked.

The Indigo Girls said it well … “When god made me born a Yankee he was teasing” .

So if you didn’t enjoy your New Years weekend as much as I did … why not consider a change? We’re hiring. (If the direct link does not work – visit and search for the “NC – Raleigh” location and the “Visual Studio” product. Leave the other defaults and click “Search Jobs”).

[My regularly scheduled rant is coming shortly]