Me, my picture frame, and being OOF

I have the benefit of owning a Digital Memory Frame (thanks michaelp). 

Well, I'm going to be OOF for 9 weeks on an extended business trip.  Indeed a long time.  My plan is to take my digital camera with me on my journey and remotely post pictures to my Memory frame on a near daily basis.  My colleagues who walk past my workspace or sit near me can join me for a virtual tour and not forget that I do indeed still work for Microsoft. ;)

I really think this'll be cool since I'll be photoblogging but won't need anyone to visit my blog or use an aggregator to check in on me.  I'm effectively modifying the environment almost as if I were in the office.  Heck, some people may say that they see more action from the photo frame than from me when I'm in the office since I'm such a hermit.  :)