FlexWiki has released as Open Source on SourceForge.net

It was about five months ago that David Ornstein scheduled a meeting with Stephen Walli and I to discuss the release of the WiX toolset as Open Source.  He had this project called FlexWiki that he'd been working on in his free time and was seeing a lot of interest from the community building up around it.  David wanted to formalize the community and their contributions so he was curious if the process the WiX toolset went through would be appropriate for FlexWiki.

Well, as you can see here and here and here and most importantly here FlexWiki has been released to SourceForge.net.  It appears the code was released under the Common Public License (CPL) just like WiX and WTL.  It also seems that a couple builds are already in place.  All in all, it seems to me that David and his crew are far more organized than I was when I started the WiX community (probably more organized than I am even now <grin/>).

Anyway, as I noted yesterday, Microsoft is taking small steps into the Open Source community.  To some of you it may not seem like much but I can't tell you how exciting it is to watch project after project get released under the Shared Source Initiative.  The OSI-licensed projects are especially exciting to me.  Things are changing around here, slowly but surely.