Goodbye, MSDN. I'm moving to

I started blogging three years ago when the MSDN blog site was still hosted on gotdotnet.  Back then there were fifty or so Microsoft bloggers and people giggled when you said the word "blog".  Now there are so many Microsoft blogs that nobody bothers to keep count any more.

I toyed with the idea with hosting my own private blog a while ago but got real serious about it when I finally picked up the vanity domain  I was keeping tabs on the Subtext project because of my work on the Internal blogs at Microsoft but when Subtext finally supported medium trust I figured it was ready to host my own blog.  Finally, in November I pushed the huge reset button on life by changing jobs and getting married all at the same time.  I figured I might as well reset my presence in the blogosphere.

You will now find my blog at

I have not decided what I'm going to do with this blog.   Jascha and Didi have also been encouraging me to start posting on the Windows Marketplace blog.  Maybe I'll cross-post Marketplace topics from my new blog to there.  Honestly, though I think we first need to move the Windows Marketplace blog off MSDN and onto Windows Marketplace itself.  Maybe we could put it up at

Cross-posting there makes me consider cross-posting setup topics from my new blog to here, making this blog purely about setup things.  Along those lines I've brought back the MSDN skin and the old blog title "when setup isn't just xcopy".  However, don't be surprised if this blog just halts like Dare's MSDN blog and Alex's MSDN blog.

Anyway, "Goodbye, MSDN!"  It's been a fun few years but I'm moving out on my own.  Please come visit me at my new home at