Azure Functions: These are my new favorite squirrels.

[Note: I am actually Amazed that my old blog is still functioning, it certainly has been a long time]

If you are new to the idea of Server-less Computing and Micro-services this is definitely worth some time to understand how these work and how they can benefit you. One quick benefit is that at the time of this writing your MSDN Azure account gets 1,000,000 executions per month for free, and you don't have to configure any servers, and you can write your code in many languages and have it run against many built in hooks, for example when a file is uploaded to your OneDrive, or an HTTP web hook is invoked, really its amazing, do check this out.

This link will take you to the docs for azure functions and executing tests, but it does not offer any guidance on creating a web performance test. /en-us/azure/azure-functions/functions-test-a-function

Now since my blog is kind of dusty, I am going to write a blog soon on how to develop a Visual Studio 2017 Web Performance Test that can invoke an Azure Function application. Its actually quite simple to do it, and you may be able to create one with just record/playback and not have to make changes to the test depending on the complexity of the Http GET/POST data. Next post will have the steps to create a web test in Visual Studio.

So stay tuned...