BarCamp in Malaysia

After months of planning finally BarCamp was held in Malaysia.

SilverKnights LV Chong, TC Wu and Kok Chiann delivered an awesome presentation in BarCamp in Malaysia

You can watch the videos here –> 

LV Chong talked about Silverlight and our community SilverCamp which has been running for the past 7 months in Malaysia. Check out the video of his presentation here. You will also notice another of our SilverKnight Yee Jie helping out as well. Awesome job guys!

TC Wu delivered his talk on how to create applications on Facebook using Silverlight.

And then Kok Chain, delivered his talk on Silverlight and Expression Studio. Kok Chiann showcased how to use various tools in Expression Suite like Expression Encoder to create a fully capable Media Player, and then how to edit it and make it personal using Expression Design and Expression Blend. Kok Chiann also showcased Deep Zoom which received great response from the audience.

Thanks a lot to LV Chong, Kok Chiann, YJ and TC Wu for delivering these presentations in BarCamp. Fantastic job guys :-)

Thanks to the BarCamp Participants for making this event happen, you can check out more info about BarCamp Malaysia here –>

Till next time… Ciao :-)


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