(Free) 2 day Windows 7 Developer Training, Dublin: June 11th & 12th 2009

This instructor led training course will show developers how to build the next generation of software applications which deliver the richer application experiences and positive product discriminators that users now expect.

The course will consist of approximately 50% instructor presentation (PowerPoint slides and instructor-led demonstration) and 50% hands on lab activities, which will provide students the opportunity to gain solid hands-on experience with the compelling features of Windows7.

The event covers both native and managed code (C++-using-COM and C#) and focuses on the features new to Windows7.


The agenda is inline below: for more information and details of how to register, please contact me.


Course Objectives

After completing this course, students will be able to:

· Describe the design intent and key features of Windows7.

· Customize the new Windows7 taskbar to the individual application requirements

· Describe the Multi-Touch and Ink support

· Customize the Libraries and Federated Search capabilities

· Describe the common interfaces for Sensors and Location

· Develop the Windows Scenic Ribbon for their application

· Use the Application Compatibility features

· Design an application to be compatible User Account Control

· Describe the Xml Paper Specification and support offered in Windows7

· Create start-on-demand Windows Services to reduce start-up times

· Create Energy-Efficient applications that conserve power.

· Use the Application Instrumentation, Diagnostic and Performance Tools



The primary audience is experienced early-adopter Developers who wish to use some or all of the Windows7 features in applications.

Product and Technology Experience:         

Experience of Visual Studio and either C# or C++/COM

Course Outline

Day 1 – Windows7 : Visible Features

· Windows7 Overview

· The new Windows7 Taskbar

· Multi-Touch and Ink

· Libraries and Federated Search

· Sensors and Location

· The Windows Scenic Ribbon

Day 2 – Windows7 : Supporting Features

· Graphics Improvements

· Application Compatibility Overview

· User Account Control Overview


· Background Services and Tasks

· Energy Efficient Applications

· Application Instrumentation, Diagnostic and Performance Tools