The Testing Blogosphere - Building a new Blogroll

Since MSDN Blogs moved to a new platform, I'm not sure what happened to all my old pages that weren't blog posts (including my old list of test blogs).  Oh well, I didn't maintain them and they were getting pretty long in the tooth anyway.  So, I'm starting at least my list of testing blogs again, this time in a blog post that I will update.  I started with 3 blogs that are pretty much automatic reads for me:

James Bach - If you pay attention to the testing world you know that you have to pay attention to what Mr. Bach says.  He challenges the testing world to get better, calls out those he thinks hurt the testing profession, and gives his support to those testers he thinks do good work or show promise.  He embodies the "shine the light" aspect of testing.

Cem Kaner - When I moved from being a developer support engineer to a product unit test team, one of the first things they did for me was hand me a copy of Testing Computer Software.  This was my introduction to software testing.  A year or so later, I attended a 3 day training course taught by one of the authors of that book, Cem Kaner.  Since then I've watched Cem Kaner work for the cause of testing education - very important for our profession.  Mr. Kaner doesn't blog frequently but when he does it's important.

Alan Page - My friend and fellow 'Softie.  We've had many great conversations on various aspects of testing and I always learn something when we chat.  Part of his job has been to be one of the outward facing representatives of testing at Microsoft - not always an easy job.  IMO he's handled that role well.

I'll add other blogs to the list as I come across them.  Stay tuned...