Craig Mundie's Intercom Extension to Syspine Phones

While RP is designed for small business customers, we can’t prevent people from deploying RP in the household :-) One of our RP 1.0 customers is Microsoft’s Chief Research and Strategy Officer Craig Mundie. Craig personally set up the Syspine RP system himself for his home. This was not a surprise as RP was designed with ease of management in mind. What surprised me was many of Craig’s innovative solutions that extended RP’s original design objectives. One such example is Craig created RP 1.0’s intercom extension. Craig added this intercom feature and delivered on Syspine RP system without having my team doing anything!


What Craig did is to create a user group that contains every RP phone in his house. He named this group/person “intercom”. As RP can support powerful voice dialing through the magic blue button, he successfully delivered his own “intercom” feature. Now by simply pressing the blue button on the RP phone and saying “intercom”, he is able to ring all the RP phones in his house.


Craig’s solution is so creative that this approach can address a broad set of telephony functions that aren’t included in RP 1.0. By creating a name entity of his preference and associate the entity with the calling action, RP’s powerful magic button brings many new telephony functions to life!


Necessity breeds innovation and RP’s ease of use enabled Craig’s wonderful act!