Fellow bloggers on the .Net Client Team

  • Brian Pepin, the Windows Forms Guru and the guy who knows the .Net designer architecture better than anybody else.
  • Jessica Fosler (better known as JFo) - a fellow developer on the team. She implemented most of the ToolStrip control in Whidbey, and believe me, this control is simply amazing! Make sure you read her 'Windows Forms Tips' posts.
  • Mike Harsh, program manager. If you have ever read posts on Windows Forms newsgroups or the forums on WindowsForms.net, you couldn't have missed Mike - he is very active on community forums.
  • Julien Ellie, a fellow developer, who has a great bilingual blog.

There are probably others too...I will update this list if I find their blogs.


  • Shawn Burke, development manager. If you have ever written designers or implemented any kind of design time customization, you have no doubt benefited by reading Shawn's articles.
  • Benjamin Wu, developer. Ben recently moved over to our team from Visual Studio for Devices.
  • Subhag Oak, developer. He worked on the design time support for ToolStrip in Whidbey, and also implemented the SplitContainer control.