HL7 Plenary and Working Group Meeting

I just got back from the HL7 meeting in San Diego.


Even if not as exciting as the PDC with announcements on Windows Vista, Office 12, Sparkle, LINQ and many others, it was still a good meeting.


I attended primarily the meetings of the Control/Query Technical Committee (now renamed Infrastructure and Messaging TC) to resolve the ballot responses for the Abstract Transport Specification and the Web Services Profiles.

As you might know I am the editor of the HL7 WS Profiles, so I have to deal with the resolution of the ballot votes.

Overall we had very good feedback and we were able to go trough a decent number of resolutions.

We had 63 negatives and 62 affirmatives (!!), we were able to go through 19 negatives and resolve them. The rest will be done via teleconference. At that point the profile will be approved and we’ll leave it there for some time while things settle: web services standards mature, reference implementations become available and so on.


I also presented a tutorial on HL7 Version 3 Implementation that discussed the status on v3 implementations and some architectural approaches to developing HL7 v3 solutions.

I will repeat the tutorial in January with more emphasis on the technical details and more sample applications.


Overall a good meeting, connected with a lot of friends and advanced the status of healthcare standards in the world.


I feel good.