Call for Sessions - XP Day Benelux 2004

 I believe not enough people in the .NET community are aware of Agile Software Development; so here goes...


Call for Sessions - XP Day Benelux 2004
19 November 2004
Mechelen, Belgium

XP Day Benelux 2004 is a one day conference about Agile Software
Development. The sessions are organized by people who have experience
with agile methods, like DSDM, Scrum, Extreme Programming,
Feature-driven development, and Crystal. The principles of agile
software development are described in the Agile Manifesto

The XP Day Benelux conference aims at software developers, project
leaders, IT managers, testers, architects, and coaches. It provides a
good opportunity for exchanging ideas and sharing experiences, and is
suited for both experienced participants and beginners in Agile
Software Development. The focus of this conference is on practical
knowledge, real-world experience and active participation of all
attendees. The number of participants is limited to 100.

Organising a session is the best way to learn from such a conference.
It provides an opportunity to share your experiences, to get feedback
on your ideas, and to try new session formats. Session organisers will
get discount off the conference fee.

Detailed information about submitting session proposals can be found

See the XP Day Benelux website for more
information or contact the organisation at