Win a Smartphone


Looking to build applications for mobile devices like the Windows Powered Smartphone or the Pocket PC but don't know where to begin?

Learn247 are please to announce the free "Building Mobile Applications with Visual Studio.NET" online training series presented by the Mobile Devices Division at Microsoft. This is a 3 part hands on training course which has been designed to teach all you need to know to begin building powerful mobile applications using Visual Studio.NET.

Session 1 - Introduction to Windows Mobile Development
Date: - 16th November 10:00 GMT - 11:30 GMT

If you are new to Microsoft's Mobile platform and development tools then why not start with the basics: What is Windows Mobile? What's Microsoft's strategy and view of Mobile platforms? What types of application can I build for Windows Mobile? How can I build them? Deploy them? Where is Microsoft going with the platform?

All these questions and more will be answered in this session. During this session we will build a simple .NET based application using C# or VB.NET to experience the development tools, emulators and debug environment first hand.

Session 2 - Developing Smartphone Applications in Managed Code
Date: - 30th November 10:00 GMT - 11:30 GMT

With the advent of .NET Compact Framework and Windows Mobile 2003, Smartphone application development could not be simpler. In this session we will explore the features of Compact Framework specific for Smartphone development. Most of this session will be dedicated to hands-on work, building your very own snake game.

Sign up
To take part in any of the series you can sign up by clicking here . Taking part in the training is *free* and *easy* so sign up today!

You need to signup before you can participate and once signed up, we'll contact you nearer the time on how to download the code.

Win Prizes
Just for taking part in the training we have a number of prizes to give away to say thank you for attending - including an Orange SPV E200 mobile phone (with Windows smartphone software) for each webcast.  One attendee from each session will be chosen at random to win this fantastic prize.

By registering for the training you will receive the training labs in C# and VB.NET before the training takes place.

If you wish to take part in the training and follow along on your own PC you will need to have the relevant software installed. This will include Visual Studio.NET and related SDKs. Full details will of the installation will be sent shortly.

Of course you are welcome attend just to watch if you prefer.