Windows Update - nothing to report

 Ok, this is my own simplistic view but still...

 As a habit, I tend to go up to the Windows Update site and check for any new goodies (usually security patches, which are good). But lately it is a very disappointing process. You go there, and there is absolutely nothing, you know nothing really interesting. I mean, I even installed the "Update for Windows XP Shop for Music Online Link ", which I do not really need since I still buy my music on CD's. And that is really the last item on there. 

 But it dawned on me that in fact this is an interesting evolution. According to the history, the last update I downloaded was the one of Feb 11 2004. Hey that's longer than a month ago. Are we getting there? I mean I know there is a new process that new patches are released on a monthly schedule and I'm counting the days till April 13th 2004. Will there be a patch for Windows XP. I really don't know, I'm sure I could find out, but I am getting more curious. In general I just have this feeling we somehow passed a critical point, getting XP SP2 out there will most likely really topple that.

Again, this is just my gut feeling, anxious.