Part 10 - So You Want to Get Started with Hyper-V? Start here! – Live Migration

So I’ve finally done it!  Here’s a short screen cast on Live Migration.  This one is only 5 minutes, so I won’t keep you too long, but you’ll be able to see it in action!  I recorded this session at the Irvine, CA MTC (Microsoft Technology Center) on their Dell Servers and the Equalogic SAN.  Here’s the rundown of the hardware:

Two Dell 2970 servers, each machine has two CPUs, each CPU is a dual core CPU for a total of four cores per machine.

Each server has 16GB of RAM

The shared storage is a Dell Equalogic iSCSI SAN.

Get Microsoft Silverlight

If you are looking for the step-by-step guide for setting up Live Migration, you can find that here.

I hope this information has helped, if you have any more questions, please let me know.

This session is one part of a whole series of screen casts around Hyper-V, you can go this link to access the whole series.

So you want to get started with Hyper-V? Start here! – In Summary


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