Reactions to the day...

The response to my announcement with regards to being the winner of the Imagine Cup 2003 competition is absolutely phenomenal. My inbox was filled with a ton of "congrats" emails. Thanks for everyone's fantastic support! Also, I'd like to thank all the judges in the competition on Saturday once again. They really went above and beyond their call of duty with meeting with us after the competition and going over in detail more feedback and suggestions!! Thank you!

I read Julia's blog earlier today, and agree, there isn't any press release as of right now. I've emailed the coordinators for the US competition today and asked the question, so if in fact there will be a press release, I'll post the link here.

One of my friend's, Jon Uss, has on his blog the account from our IM conversation on Sunday night that I thought was pretty funny in retrospect. I must say, thanks Jon and Mike for dinner tonight! :)

Now I'm beginning to think about the International Finals in Barcelona... I wonder what the other teams' projects will be? This should be pretty exciting!