Welcome to the RXG Team Blog

On behalf of the RXG team, it is my pleasure to welcome you to the RXG team blog. We created this space to discuss some of the issues we are facing delivering customer solutions at scale.


Who we are

In the Relationship Experience Division (RXD), we take an innovative, customer-centric approach to building solutions. We provide a broad range of Relationship Management solutions designed to put the customer in charge of all phases of their relationship with Microsoft – plan, market, sell, service and support. Like most large enterprises, Microsoft must move to a model where we have fewer, more connected applications that meet the business needs in a more agile manner. Rather than building stand-alone applications that increase costs and create confusion, RXD works with our business partners to build common capabilities that satisfy our customers and partners. Our goal is to enable a set of business capabilities that allow us to know the customer, understand their needs, and become One Microsoft to the customer.


The Relationship Experience Group (RXG) is a group within RXD responsible for building common, reusable architecture components to help RXD in driving towards our vision. This includes a common platform architecture (RXP), common security features (RXP Security), and incubation efforts around emerging technologies such as cloud computing and Software + Services.