Remote Software Update Point fails to install

I was trying to install the Software Update Point site role on a remote computer, but it failed to install.  After reviewing the logs I saw this error message:


On the SUPSetup.log file located on the Software Update Point server E:\SMS\Logs:

     CTool::RegisterManagedBinary: Failed to register E:\SMS\bin\x64\wsusmsp.dll with .Net Fx 2.0


The fix was to:

  1. Remove the SUP role from the server
  2. Add the DWORD (OnlyUseLatestCLR = 1) to the SUP server registry key located at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\MICROSOFT\.NETFRAMEWORK
  3. Install the SUP role again
  4. Once the installation was successful, I removed the registry key.


I hope that helps.