Anders Hejlsberg: Introducing TypeScript

TypeScript is a programming language that makes it easier to write cross-platform, application scale, JavaScript that runs in any browser or in any host.  Microsoft Technical Fellow Anders Hejlsberg explains how TypeScript, which is a typed superset of JavaScript that compiles to idiomatic (normal) JavaScript, can dramatically improve your productivity by enabling rich tooling experiences, all while maintaining your existing code and continuing to use the same JavaScript libraries you already love.

The TypeScript language specification is available under Open Web Foundation and the compiler implementation is available as Open Source.


Anders Hejlsberg, Steve Lucco, and Luke Hoban join us for a casual chat about - what else - TypeScript. Why did they do it? What's the backstory? How is TS related to Dart and does it really aim to solve the same problems? What's wrong with JS, anyway? Does TS extend JS or is it just a design time tool that adds semantic structure where there is none? What about ECMAScript 6 - won't that release of JS have modules and classes? Is Anders still working on C#? TypeScript and Windows Store HTML5 apps.

As usual, this is a conversation and as such just happened as it did. Tune in.


If you haven't already, you should watch Anders' solo presentation above before watching this.